This is how Hopsta works

Hopsta is a brand new way to bundle your electricity and broadband that’s made especially for apartments. There’s one fixed weekly price for all your electricity and broadband data regardless of how much you use. It’s super easy, you can join in less than a minute, and then when you’re connected you just pay as you go.

No contracts, no credit checks, no worries.


No need to worry about how much electricity or broadband data you’re using. They’re both unlimited* while you’re purchasing from us.
*Extreme Use Policy applies.

Fixed Price

Prepay our low weekly charge, and relax knowing you’re not going to get any surprises.


You can prepay from as little as one week, right up to six weeks. It's your choice, with no surprises.

No Contracts

You can stay as long or short as you like. Just buy week-to-week as you choose.

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Frequently asked questions
Can you break down your offer for me?
Is my usage really unlimited?
What information do you need from me?
How do I pay?
How will I know when I need to purchase more weeks?
What happens if I forget to purchase more weeks?
What happens if I want to stop my services and/or move out?
Can I pay for a part week or get a refund?
Why isn’t my apartment listed?
Power outage?
Hopsta business hours?
What if my Power services are currently disconnected?
If a contractor is needed to attend for a power reconnection?
Fibre is not working?
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